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VidPlay – Best Tube Player

Our free extraordinary music and video player is packed with new features.
Download now to find an amazing video player which is free, fast and full of premium features. Get a new preview for your music, videos and all media files.
VidPlay requires internet connection, like any other tube player, there for it is advised to pay attention to data costs and minimize the use outdoor, use it more on wifi areas like at home or at the office or any internet cafe.
The number of playlists is unlimited and free of charge so you can make as much as you want in advance to save much needed time and prepare it while at home over wifi and for every occasion.
Enjoy a playlist for working out, for your travel to work in the metro or via your private car, for your babies to fall a sleep, for your daily run or for the long awaited vacation.
The utility is very simple with easy to use controls, no need for a tutorial, intuitive UI, fast functions, super fast loading time.
You are just one click away from viewing the videos and music you love and makes your emotions flow.
Use the search option to find videos and add videos you like to your favorites list, watch them in full screen or minimized.
The app is free to use and no registration is required that means NO log in required in order to save playlists and add to favorites and to watch all the great content you like.
Join today many happy users around the globe, send us feedback and rate us, please! Enjoy!